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I am Vickie Price at Ameo Designs and I create bold, colour confident surface patterns and designs using hand-drawn elements to inject creativity into your everyday living.  The patterns and illustrations are available for license or sale for wallpaper, printing on bolt fabric or bedding, stationary and paper mention a few!


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Thanks for checking in and having a look at my work!  I'm an Artist and Surface Pattern Designer with a degree in Fine Art living in the beautiful Chiltern countryside just outside of London.  Never satisfied with a conventional life, I live on-site at a tennis club which reflects our love for bustle rather than tennis itself.

Our home is continually going through a creative evolution, pushed along by my love of interiors - but the real driving force has been adapting to our growing family.  

And I have thrown myself into this wholeheartedly!

I can now skateboard with my son, I can make a den in any cubby hole with whatever is at hand, I have negotiation skills that can win round any toddler and I have learnt the art of doing a full day's work on no sleep at all - but everyone needs a moment alone in the day to look forward to!

These moments only have to be the length of a cup of coffee - a sketchbook doodle - a magazine flick - a diary entry: but the daily promise of these kept me in the game.  This ritual began with me reaching for a special mug or a cushion in a bright, bold fabric or positioning myself in front of a poster.  I started to notice that I was getting a creative kick from seeing and experiencing quality art around the home and my passion for surface pattern began to take hold.

So from this Ameo Designs was born - I'm an Artist creating surface patterns and designs, aiming to give a creative lift to anyone who sees or uses a product with my design on it.

So kick back, phone to silent, have a browse through gallery and take a peek in shop and have some Ameo time.......