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I am Vickie Price at Ameo Designs and I create bold, colour confident surface patterns and designs using hand-drawn elements to inject creativity into your everyday living.  The patterns and illustrations are available for license or sale for wallpaper, printing on bolt fabric or bedding, stationary and paper mention a few!


A blog by Vickie Price from Ameo Designs, sharing what inspires her as well as the creative process behind her art and surface pattern designs for wallpaper, stationery, bolt fabrics and pretty much any other surface! 

Lesson number 1

Vickie Price

I had fun this week making party invitations for my eldest daughter and her friends.  And I find that there is nothing so satisfying as seeing the work printed out.  It really gives me my creative kick for the day to be holding the art work in the flesh.  Which is just how I felt earlier this week - that was until my proof-reading friend pointed out that I had misspelt the names of two of the birthday girls!!

I reprinted the lot - it grieved me for the remainder of the day.  

Lesson number 1 - always have your work proof read before printing....I knew it, I knew it!