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I am Vickie Price at Ameo Designs and I create bold, colour confident surface patterns and designs using hand-drawn elements to inject creativity into your everyday living.  The patterns and illustrations are available for license or sale for wallpaper, printing on bolt fabric or bedding, stationary and paper mention a few!


A blog by Vickie Price from Ameo Designs, sharing what inspires her as well as the creative process behind her art and surface pattern designs for wallpaper, stationery, bolt fabrics and pretty much any other surface! 

Ideal Wallpaper of the Year Awards

Vickie Price


Last Thursday we went to the Ideal Home Exhibition for the Ideal Wallpaper of the Year awards.  I had been selected by the industry and Laurence Llewelyn Bowen as one of 5 finalists from a pool of 95 entries so to have got to this stage was exciting enough.  To be honest, it felt too exciting - I didn't know how to cope with so much adrenaline running up to the event.

The ceremony was larger than I had anticipated but as the day drew on it was clear that Laurence could definitely attract a crowd!  The filmed interview with him in front of  400+ onlookers was a bit of a surprise but it was so encouraging to hear what he thought of my work. What I hadn't expected either was how good it would be to see my work printed as wallpaper.  I loved it - the colours were right, the design worked as I had hoped and the scale gave it the impact I was looking for.  


It was fantastic to meet the finalists Jen Moules, Katy Hackney, Martha Copinger Binns of Martha and Hepsie and Natalie Owen - it is such a highlight to make new friends in the industry.  Well done to all of you but particularly Katy whose design was voted winner by the public!  

I was positioned centre stage so when Laurence opened the envelope, Katy's name was staring straight back at me so I had plenty of time to check my expression - in fact Laurence then went into a preamble giving me nearly a whole minute of knowing that the winner was two down from me in the row before anyone else did - does that ever happen at the Oscars?


I was obviously gutted not to have won but it has been such an encouragement to be a finalist, hopefully this will become another spring board.