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I am Vickie Price at Ameo Designs and I create bold, colour confident surface patterns and designs using hand-drawn elements to inject creativity into your everyday living.  The patterns and illustrations are available for license or sale for wallpaper, printing on bolt fabric or bedding, stationary and paper mention a few!


A blog by Vickie Price from Ameo Designs, sharing what inspires her as well as the creative process behind her art and surface pattern designs for wallpaper, stationery, bolt fabrics and pretty much any other surface! 

Plainstitch Workrooms

Vickie Price

When I discovered the Plainstitch Workrooms it was the closest I have ever come to an Alice in Wonderland moment in my life.  The entrance is modestly hidden in a Wendover back street behind a gated fence.  When you step into the tiny but beautiful court-yard, immediately you are forced to climb the steep, stone steps to a newly painted door.  Even at this point the experience had me entranced.  But I genuinely had one of those drop jaw moments when I climbed their staircase and entered their workrooms!  It was an intensely aesthetic moment for me!  Bolts of the latest fabric organised by colour and designer, fat quarter bundles in uniform Ikea tubs marked up with chalked labels, retro colour and decor and fabulously handmade, hanging barrel lampshades.

But at the centre of all of this is what the workrooms are really all about.  A large table with 4 workstations, each with a (modern!) sewing machine, cutting mats and friends working away on individual projects around pretty cup cakes, mugs of tea and jars of sweets.

Deb who is the genius behind the place has made 100 quilts which I find incredible and although many of the quilts that I saw were technically so much more complicated than the one above I particularly wanted to show this one because the fabric is by designer Heather Ross, (who I love!!) and because it is so well worn, it has an age to it just as a quilt should.


Another delight is that you are under no obligation to buy - you are encouraged to be perfectly at ease just going in to have a look.  That said, it is way too tempting and I didn't leave before booking myself in for the lampshade making course in June - I hope that what I produce will be good enough to blog about afterwards!!  Deb runs a number of courses, some are one offs and others run the course of a term.