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I am Vickie Price at Ameo Designs and I create bold, colour confident surface patterns and designs using hand-drawn elements to inject creativity into your everyday living.  The patterns and illustrations are available for license or sale for wallpaper, printing on bolt fabric or bedding, stationary and paper mention a few!


A blog by Vickie Price from Ameo Designs, sharing what inspires her as well as the creative process behind her art and surface pattern designs for wallpaper, stationery, bolt fabrics and pretty much any other surface! 

Lampshade making course

Vickie Price

This week, whilst most people were at the pub, I returned to the Plain Stitch Sewing Rooms in Wendover for a course in lampshade making and loved it!  This is the place where chocolate, coffee and cake are just as important as scissors and fabric.  It was so good just to get creative and achieve something.

You start off by choosing your fabric - this has to be compared to choosing sweets in a shop, it could easily be the toughest part of the night.  These are by Wendy Kendall, a girl who also did the Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design and went on to win the Ideal Home Wallpaper competition in 2013.


These were the finished articles.  Mine is the orange one on the top right but I had serious fabric envy for the white one beneath mine.   Her fabric was by Annela Hoey and you can check out her blog here.

The lampshade looks great at home.  Its staggering how professional a finish you get and I now feel fully equipped to make more - watch out family.  That is all your birthdays and christmas' sorted for the coming year!