Ditching the Dizzy Fog!

It has been so good to be away with the family for the past 3 weeks.  Don't be misled by the pictures.  For all the super-hot days in Cornwall, there were damp, welly clad days to match. Someone laughed at me in the shops saying that only in the UK could you see a mum doing her summer food-shop in her wellies - I thought I had pulled it off!

After 6 months of art-course deadlines, family crises and a new role at work, I was so ready to put down my paint brushes and pick up a book and glass of wine alternately.  Never had a holiday been looked forward to with such anticipation!  Even if it was going to be under canvas.  But although the book did feature and the wine even more so, my camera was always in my hand and the pencils were out again in the evenings because once the giddy fog of our life had cleared a bit, I started to become 'inspired' again.  And not the forced kind that you search for when you have a deadline or a brief to fulfil but the natural, fun, joy-filled, immensely satisfying kind - and art and creativity became a choice again.